We will realise your project in whole or in part if you like. We offer the fastest possible implementation, the best planning security, all at the lowest risk. Maybe you just want to have us take over the complex bits to save valuable development time and reduce your project risk to a minimum. Or maybe you´d like our experts to join your team for the duration.
Outsource the difficult bits
Eigenes Team entlasten
Kein unnötiges Risiko eingehen
We develop individual project components or program modules for you and will handle the critical or particularly demanding technical tasks. This will relieve your own team, add important expertise to your project, save valuable development time, and reduce your project risk.

Partial realisation

Outsource GUI development to XDEV
Relieve your team from having to worry
  about GUI issues
Full concentration on key features
Java experts are scarce. That's why you shouldn't burden your Java developers with UI design. We'll do the work for you! For this, we have specially trained UI designers who not only have experience in GUI programming, but also the expertise in modern UI design and layouting, ergonomics and usability, and also understand the typical needs and wishes of users. Your Java specialists will be relieved and can focus on the implementation of business logic.

User interface

Fastest possible implementation
Best possible planning certainty
Lowest possible risk
We will realise your entire project from planning to implementation. Quick. On time. 100% reliably. With XDEV PROFESSIONAL SERVICES as a development partner, you can make reliable plans, stay on budget, and take no risks.

Full implementation