Project Analysis
■ 1 Analysis day
■  Analysis procedure & planning your individual project strategie and roadmap
■ 1 consulting day



Journey fixed rates: USA $1,200, Europe $650, Mid east $ 1,200, Africa/Asia $1, 500, Pacific region $1,800
Overnight stay $110 fixed rate
Can our project be implemented with XDEV tools?
What's the best way to proceed?
Is our approach correct?
Which technologies are suitable to implement my project?
Which technologies fit our team?
Which architecture should we choose?
Do we need additional expertise?
Are there any risks that we currently cannot estimate?
How long will development take?
In what areas can XDEV support us?
What much will development cost?
We will develop a customised roadmap to bring you to your goal with certainty. We work with you to conduct a comprehensive project analysis by discussing and documenting all of the important aspects of your project. Our experts analyse the data and develop a project strategy and a customised roadmap that we then discuss with you in detail.


1) Analysis Day
When we sit down to spend a day on needs analysis, technical considerations are not the primary focus. Instead, we will discuss your general ideas of the new solution, including how it should function, appear, and behave. What systems should it run on? How many users and how do you plan to grant them access? Will there be different user groups with different levels of access? What are your needs for maintenance, continued development, and delivery of new versions? We will also discuss organisational and structural aspects, available personnel, the expertise you have in-house, and your priorities and deadlines.

Duration: 1 day
2) Analysis Procedure & Planung
Our experts will analyse the data we collect during the needs analysis and develop a custom project strategy and concrete roadmap to get you to your goal with certainty.
The analysis includes feasibility assessments (preferred technologies, existing expertise, pre-determined deadlines, etc.), anticipated difficulties, and our recommendations on selecting technologies, architectures, procedures, knowledge transfer, prioritization, project organisation, and much more. We will deliver a critical risk assessment with recommendations for how to reduce your project risk to a minimum.

Duration: 1-3 days (depends on project)
3) Consulting Day
At the next consulting meeting, we will discuss in detail the analysis and planning, project strategy, and roadmap developed by our experts for your project. Based on the decisions made at this meeting, we will then update your project strategy and roadmap. The complete analysis will then be delivered as a detailed report.
As part of the primarily agile development process, the project roadmap will be continuously optimised to serve as the basis for project specifications and increasingly precise calculations regarding the amount of time and labour required to complete your project.

Duration: 1 day
Cost Estimation
Based on th Project-Roadmap you get a cost estimation. After the project milestones `Specification Workshop' and 'Proof of concept' we can make you a firm offer with fixed price.